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In the unlikely event that one of our systems is having issues, here you can find the answers that you need.

  • No Display / Blank Screen / Monitor in Power Saving Mode

    This generally happens because the monitor is not plugged into the correct port. Your display connection should be connected to the graphics card in the middle of the machine, not the top of the machine as these ports are disabled.

  • Windows Activation

    Your Windows activation pack (where required) is in the bundled accessory pack. For aesthetic reasons we do not stick this onto our machines.

  • Machine Does not Boot

    Please firstly ensure that the power switch is in the ON (Line - ) position and that the power cable is not defective. Also check that there are no USBs in the ports other than the mouse, wifi, and keyboard. If the machine still does not boot please book a tech support session via the link below and we will get you up and running.

Book a remote support session

If you're still having issues we are here to support you. All you need to do is schedule a support session using the link below. We may request to dial in via video call using whatsapp messenger, and we may also need access to your system via teamviewer.


Book Tech Support Session